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Star performing eSports teams across multiple platforms.

Game Servers

High quality lightening fast Game Servers avalible for all the latest titles.


We are always developing and pushing the boundaries of all areas we work in.

Stay Connected

We will always bring the lastest in eSports and the latest in products.


We bring new an innovative products from all over the world in enhance Your Game, Your World, Your Life.


We belive that if you want to win big, you need the right equipment and you can win it all right here!

Our Portfolio

We represent the best teams in the top eSports games across the globe. Providing them and you with the best in the latest Tech.

Why Choose Us?

Doctrinal was founded in 2009 on CS:S the team expanded and developed over the years onto other platforms and games. Competing in more demanding competitions to the point it is today.

Fast Paced

eSports is a quick and fast moving environment where anything can change, you must be ready and able to adapt at a moments notice

Tracked Success

Doctrinal always strives for the best, in its teams, in its sponsors and now in its products.


Whether you are looking to take your team to the next level or looking to provide your customers with the next level in tech. Doctrinal are always on hand to make it happen

Meet the Team

Our friendly team are the best at what they do, All being gamers & tech savvy themselves means they deliver the best in tech.

Our Clients

We work closely with some of the biggest names in Retail & eSports, below is just some of our partners.


For more on our Products , Retail offerings or Sponsorship contact us now!